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File #: 14-4606    Name: Consideration of a Resolution to Reconvene the Ad Hoc Motorcoach Task Force and to Modity the Task Force Memebership
Type: Resolution Status: Agenda Ready
File created: 11/4/2015 In control: City Council Legislative Meeting
On agenda: 12/8/2015 Final action:
Title: Consideration of the Resolution to Reestablish the Ad Hoc Motorcoach Task Force and to Modify the Task Force Membership. [ROLL-CALL VOTE]
Attachments: 1. 14-4606_Attachment 1 Resolution.pdf, 2. 14-4606_Attachment 2 Summary Table.pdf, 3. 14-4606_After Items

City of Alexandria, Virginia







DATE:                     DECEMBER 2, 2015


TO:                                          THE HONORABLE MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF CITY COUNCIL


FROM:                     MARK B. JINKS, CITY MANAGER  /s/


DOCKET TITLE:                     


Consideration of the Resolution to Reestablish the Ad Hoc Motorcoach Task Force and to Modify the Task Force Membership. [ROLL-CALL VOTE]




ISSUE:  Consideration of a Resolution to Reestablish the Ad Hoc Motorcoach Task Force (Task Force) and to Modify the Task Force Membership.


RECOMMENDATION:  That City Council:


(1)                     Approve the resolution (Attachment 1) to reestablish the Motorcoach Task Force and modify the Task Force membership and responsibilities;


(2)                     Request that the Chairs of the Alexandria Waterfront Commission, Traffic and Parking Board, Transportation Commission, and Historic Alexandria Resources Commission each nominate a member of their group to serve on the Task Force; and


(3)                     Authorize the City Manager to appoint the remaining members and designate the Chair of the Task Force.



BACKGROUND:  In February 2004, the City Council charged the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association (then “ACVA” now “Visit Alexandria”) with the establishment of a Motorcoach Task Force. The goal of the Task Force was to develop recommendations to enhance the benefit of motorcoach tours while factoring in the potential negative impacts that such tours may have on the City. This 23 member body was composed of AVCA members, City staff, and local residents. The 2004 Task Force presented a final report to City Council in November 2005.  To further address issues regarding the operation and management of motorcoaches, in April 2008, the City Manager reconvened the Ad Hoc Motorcoach Task Force, which met from 2008 to 2010.


The 2008 Task Force was charged with developing short and long term recommendations that balance the social costs and benefits rendered by the motorcoach industry. Some of the outcomes of the 2008 Task Force’s recommendations included the implementation of a motorcoach parking reservation system and the designation of short-term, long-term, and loading/unloading locations for motorcoaches.


DISCUSSION:  Staff proposes to reestablish the Task Force in early 2016 to review proposals for new loading areas and short-term parking spaces. The timing for a reestablished Task Force is important because all of the current short-term motorcoach parking locations and several of the loading/unloading locations designated through the 2008 Task Force will be removed as a result of approved development. Additionally, waterfront construction is impacting travel and traffic patterns in areas heavily used by motorcoaches. Staff proposes to reconvene the Task Force to consider new management strategies as well as loading/unloading and short-term parking with the goal of making short-term recommendations for implementation prior to the peak spring tour season. 


A total of at least four meetings are anticipated for the 2016 Ad Hoc Motorcoach Task Force, beginning spring 2016, with completion by summer 2016.  Staff recommends replacing the staff representation which had been on the prior Task Force with Board and Commission representation to add an additional level of civic representation. The attached summary table (Attachment 2) compares membership composition of the 2008 Task Force with the proposed composition of the 2016 Task Force.

Chairs of the Boards and Commissions will be asked to nominate a member of their group to serve on the Task Force. The remaining slots will be appointed by the City Manager based on a call for nominations publicized through the City’s eNews service, notices to civic and community associations, and the City’s website.


Process and Reporting

The following decision making structure would be utilized:

                     Formal voting will only be used to ascertain group preferences.

                     In cases where common ground cannot be identified, dissenting members may include a minority opinion report or letter to ensure an accurate reflection of the viewpoints of the Task Force.

                     The Task Force will support the public outreach process by reporting back to the Boards, Commissions, groups and civic groups that they represent and communicate to the Task Force any positions, comments, or advice from the groups they represent.


Expectations of Members

                     Attend all meetings. When absence is unavoidable, members are encouraged to review all information and completing any assignments provided for the missed meeting;

                     Arrive at meetings prepared by doing any assigned reading or tasks;

                     Support the process and each other in finding solutions to the assigned tasks; and

                     Serve as a conduit to the community or Commissions by keeping them informed of the activities of the planning effort and bringing their ideas and concerns back to the group.



Responsibilities of the Chair

                     Preside over meetings;

                     Serve as a spokesperson for the Task Force; and

                     Work with City staff to set agendas for Task Force meetings.


Communication and Outreach

Consistent with the principles of What’s Next Alexandria, City staff will keep the public informed of the schedule, issues, materials and progress of the Task Force through methods including the project website, eNews, social media, posted flyers and community volunteers. Task Force meetings will be open to the public.


Staff Support

City staff will support and facilitate the work of the Task Force. An interdepartmental facilitation team will be composed of staff from the Department of Transportation and Environmental Services, Planning and Zoning, the Alexandria Police Department, and Visit Alexandria. Additional staff will be solicited on an as-needed basis.


FISCAL IMPACT:  The efforts of the Task Force will not require additional funding, however, the Ad Hoc Motorcoach Task Force guidance and recommendations presented to Commissions, Boards and Council may include potential policies that generate revenue through parking permits, or have additional costs.



Attachment 1: Proposed Resolution

Attachment 2: Summary Table of Task Force Composition



Emily A. Baker, Deputy City Manager

Yon Lambert, Director, T&ES

Carrie Sanders, Acting Deputy Director, T&ES Transportation Planning

Steve Sindiong, Acting Division Chief, T&ES Transportation Planning